Friday, October 23, 2009

Okay, this has got to stop!

Let's see, where to begin. Where did this month go? Do I say that every month?

Well, the first weekend of October, I added some more angora rabbits to my flock. Hutchery. Rabbitry. What the heck. Two females, sisters, and their daddy. Daddy is named Cloud, beautiful, soft, light blue-gray bunny wonderfulness. The two sisters are Button, because of the round white spot centered on her nose, and Delia, a beautiful agouti color.

So the next day I went to buy a BIG bag of rabbit food and there was a swap going on at the local Agway. I totally fell in love with a little female lion-head I named Anya Rose - she's 5 months old and about the size of a guinea pig. She gets along with the two sisters really well, so she's sharing the digs with them, though she might end up eventually being a house rabbit. At this point, I'm spending more time in the barn than in the house, so she has better company out there!

Last weekend, seven new chickens came to live with me - their owner didn't want to winter them over so I invited them in. The more the merrier! Four hens and three young'uns, gender to be determined. They are Buff Orpingtons, a more golden color than my original three reds. The reds are laying two eggs a day pretty consistently, but I haven't had anything from the Buffs yet. The reds are a little bossy around them, so I've been allowing their tendency to roost in the barn as separate flocks.

I also got two new barn cats on Tuesday. My sister and her husband were able to catch two 6-month old feral kittens that were born under their porch, and they are now living in a huge dog kennel in my barn, set up with a litter box and a kitty tower. I'm working on taming them enough to be able to handle them at least a little, then they'll go to the vet for neutering before I set them loose. No pictures yet - they're pretty shy whenever I'm around.