Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

It was supposed to be that dreadful "wintery mix" but so far, into the afternoon, we have gotten snow. Yay! I had errands planned for Concord but instead will take a snow day. With a day off, work won't force me out onto the roads, at least.

I'm concentrating on finishing my Christmas knitting. I printed out a December calendar and wrote in which projects will be finished on what date - Ho ho ho! With family Christmas on the 21st this year, I'm sweating it a little.

Update: if I'd had any clue what kind of a winter we were going to have, I would never had celebrated that November snowfall!

Using the pressure canner is getting to be less stressful. Last night I made and canned Mushroom Barley Vegetable Soup and my anxiety was one-tenth of what it was the first day I used the canner! A little anxiety is probably good - I don't want to forget I've got it going!
If I can find the food mill, I want to make applesauce this afternoon. Reading labels in the grocery store yesterday really brought home how many additives are in pre-prepared food, many of them from corn, which is on my allergy list. Even plain old shredded wheat has BHT added, which is a corn derivative. (And by the way, "organic" can still have corn in it.) I've probably eaten so many chemicals in my life that switching to clean eating now isn't going to save me, but if I can lessen my allergy symptoms, that will make life more pleasant.