Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little things...

We celebrated Mom's 91st birthday yesterday. Her legs were aching, and she was feeling her age, but she seemed to enjoy going our for lunch and the cake afterwards at Havenwood. Louisa, Belle, and Louisa's friend joined us, as well as Gretchen, so it was a nice group. I'll need to get her back to the chiropractor this week.

No word yet on the pellet stove, so I'm thinking it didn't arrive on Sunday's truck as was hoped. I replaced the battery on the thermostat for the furnace, so it's been coming on a little more consistently, although yesterday it thought it ought to be set on 70, which is way too high for fuel and money conservation, so I had to find the operating manual online and figure out how to reprogram it. What a pain. It's supposed to get cold tonight, down to 20 degrees, so I'll need to bundle up if I'm sitting around this evening.

I hit a great deal at Joann’s yesterday on some decorative storage boxes. They weren’t marked as being on sale, but they were up along the back, and they were sunflower designs, so late summer early fall, and I thought “these must be on clearance” so I took one to the price checker and sure enough, 14.99 on the sticker, 7.99 actual price. So I bought almost all they had – two large, three medium, and three smaller ones. They are gold and green colors, which will go in my craft room, and the bigger ones will hold scrapbook pages, I’m pretty sure, so I can organize my scrapbook supplies in them and either use them in the closet workspace, or on the bookcase next to the closet. I brought a pegboard from the old house, and bought a corkboard to put on the inside of the door with my coupon at Joanne’s. Just need to raise the shelf to desk height and I can put everything in there. Feels good to be making progress!

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