Saturday, November 9, 2013

No, this is not in my house. It is, however, pretty much what's been in my mind for the closet in my craft studio, and I was thrilled to find a picture to inspire me!. I want an area dedicated to scrapbooking, where all the "stuff" can be stored, and hidden, when necessary.The floor of my closet contains the cellar hatch, so I can't put down anything that can't be moved easily. A rolling file cart and a rolling chair should fit the bill. I own both, so it is a matter of laying my hands on them in the storage unit. I also need to move the current shelf, which is knee-high, up to desk height. 

My closet extends to the right past the door for almost 18 inches, so on the counter there I can put my Cricut alphabet cartridges in an old VCR tape storage drawer unit, and on top of that, I could put paper files. A strip lamp on the back wall will give me light without taking up counter space, plus I have a floor-standing Ott light that could store in the closet and be put in place over my shoulder when I sit down. The whole closet is about 6 feet wide, so I should have enough work space. Wall pockets/baskets will hold small tools, pens, and tape runner. Oh, hmmm, I have a peg board that I should measure and see if it will fit on the back wall! 

A corkboard or one of those boards with the diagonal ribbons on it could go on the inside of the closet door, which is a single door, about 4 feet wide. Or, maybe the pegboard, though I would be so annoyed if things flew off every time I opened the door!

The existing top shelf in my closet can store backup supplies. Right now, there is a bookcase just outside the closet, to the right, where I've been putting scrapbooking things, so the albums and other "tidy" looking things could stay there. It will be behind the door when it is open, so I don't want to have something there that I access a lot. I'll have to figure out where I'll keep my Cricut and SIzzix machines, because I want them handy, but not in the way. My friend Elizabeth has her Sizzix and dies in decorative storage boxes, which is so nice looking, so maybe they could be on the bookcase that way.

As a former Creative Memories consultant, I own more scrapbooking supplies than is decent, and I'm crazy to think they'll all fit in the closet/bookcase. But this would get me started, and the rest of the stuff could stay in the tubs in storage until I need to use it or move it along.

Currently, my jewelry-making supplies are on a bookcase to the left of the closet door, so if I wanted to, I could use the counter in my closet for jewelry-making as well. Oh, the possibilities!

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