Saturday, November 9, 2013

Well, I needed a piece of wood to knock together a bookcase that I was assembling but when I went outside to get it, the chickens all came running, so I did the barn chores and fed everybody, then decided I needed to figure out if I could make room in the greenhouse for the rabbit for the winter. So I started organizing the greenhouse, and made pretty good progress until I needed some screws to put up a shelf over where the rabbit cage will be, so I really want to do it first. I couldn't find any screws, so I finished feeding the rabbit, still in the garage, and actually, yes, remembered to grab the piece of 2x4 that I had initially intended to get! Now the bookcase, actually an etegere, is assembled, so I have a place to put some of my dollhouses, which are stored temporarily - you got it, in the greenhouse! Life is so cyclic!!!
To make a long story short, for anyone who actually reads this, I moved, and I don't think I can possibly catch up on the year and a half since the last post!  So, just as a good journaler should, I am picking up right here, right now. If I can figure out how, I will post some of my more significant posts over the recent past from Facebook on here, which will fill in the blanks a little.

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